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A Tear Stained Letter-3 Max’s Response

Dear Eric,             Thank you for your handwritten letters. They remind me of my childhood days when we used to read the letters from our grandparents at Christmas. I am pleased to read them. I like the idea of being productive by eliminating the distractions of social media! Kudos on your progress, man! Hope you, …

A Tear Stained Letter – 2

Dear Max, I thought of dropping another letter. Hope you and Rachel are good. Convey my love to the kids. What’s new? How is your business going? When we met last time, you told me that you were planning to go for a vacation in summer. How did that go? I have a few vouchers …

A Tear Stained Letter

Sometimes we have so many questions about our faith and others who look at us wonder about our beliefs and faith. Here is one such extract from a letter written to a christian, from a curious atheist.
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Compassion, it is something that we have heard about throughout our lives but, have we really practiced it?
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