Psalm 33:4- For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.

Of late, how many times have you been let down by your own memory when you needed it the most? Many times, you remember everything except that one answer you want.

We tend to have multiple to-do lists at times and we of course depend on our memory too for a lot of things. We study courses and gain degrees and masters and at times what we learn tend to get outdated. Makes us wonder sometimes what was the point in all the late nights we put in and all the time we put in to study them.

We live in a constantly changing world where technology, concepts and principles keep on evolving. We need to be on our toes our every living moment if we need to keep up with the pace. Yet in-spite of all our efforts, we end up learning late or not knowing about that “new app” or that “new invention” that our colleagues or friends talk about.

But, my dear friends, there is one book that hasn’t changed even one bit since it was written. There is one book that was guided by the spirit and has amazing facts and volumes of knowledge. And above all one Lord who is there for us through thick and thin and knows what we need even when we don’t have the slightest clue.

Are we still running the mad race of wanting to know everything under the sun? Let’s stop and go back to the Bible for a while, and get to know it a little better in the coming days. Even if anyone or anything in the world lets you down, there is a book of truth and a God above all who will not.

Lord, I look up to you today, thank you for being there when I ran the race that was not important. Help me to get closer to you today and get to know you more and realize what is more important in my life. Amen

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