Mathew 5:6 – “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” 

Junk food, isn’t it the most convenient yet tasty thing you can munch on? Yet, shortly after eating it you get hungry again. Now, looking back at my life, of all the good and bad experiences summed up, I strongly believe that a self-centred thought for life would look fulfilling, but it will never really satisfy anyone. It either leads to pride or depression, both of which are two extremes. But when we see try to shift our perspective to see how the Lord wants our life to be, that gives us an immense satisfaction. It is important that we let God take control of all aspects of our life. Let me share a very simple yet amazing experience which recently happened to me and that has changed the way I see things now.

Back in my under-graduation days, there was a faculty who taught me computer networks, who later became a mentor and a very good friend. I had told him that even after graduation I will stay in touch with him, but it never happened. Three years later when I realized that I should give him a call, something inside told that it’s too late now and doesn’t make any difference. I even had negative thoughts on how weird it would be to call or meet him now. Somewhere, I started blaming myself. Two more years passed, and the guilt inside me increased. That led me to examine and understand how self-centred my thoughts about my life had become. I had started ignoring my own conscience, which would always help me to take the right call in every situation. I prayed about this and slowly started believing in the voice of truth which always led me in the righteous path. One month back, I took a step forward and met him. The joy was indescribable and even he was all the more happy to see me. I felt that my soul had been filled and I just said a big thank you to Lord for giving me the courage to do the right thing. So if today you are eating the junk food of a self-centred thought for life, remember that you will never be satisfied. It might fill you at this instant, but it is not the healthiest food that your body needs. It is when you ask, what you seek and which door you knock on that makes all the difference. Say a prayer, and take that step of faith!

Testimony by the fun and faithful, Jethin Varghese. Jethin works at Deloitte, Hyderabad and is an active member of the Faith. Hope. Love. Movement.

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