Matthew 5:5 – “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

In the first year that we went out as a group to try and do some good, we were carol singing to raise funds for an orphanage that was being forced to relocate.

We had planned to visit some apartments throughout the month, and I remember when we went to one of them, we collected over 10000 in less than half hour, and we were super excited about it.

The next day, we were hitting another apartment, and we were looking forward to what was in store. But that day was different. There were too many kids, who were after the chocolates that our santa was carrying, and within 15 minutes, we could barely keep them under control. We were exhausted by the end of it, and we barely raised anything..

As we sat there, counting the money, disappointed, getting ready to leave, an old man came out of his house… pushing a wheelchair with a little girl on it.

She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t move. Turns out she had to go through a simple surgery once and the doctors messed it up , resulting in this girl being paralyzed neck down.

We watched them, and we walked towards them, singing. We’d practiced 4 songs in total, but standing around this girl, we ended up singing around 10. And we were reminded why we had started in the first place. Not to take, but to give more of ourselves.

The author is the young, dynamic, kind and charismatic Nestin Vas, the founder of ‘Little More Love‘ and the Chief Writer for ‘Awe and Wonder‘.

Little More Love is a movement that exists to encourage people to recognize this truth and build a community that empowers individuals to grow through their struggles by dying to ourselves and humbly serving those in need. At Little More Love, we hope to be a light in this broken world, so that the love of God can be seen through us.

Awe & Wonder is a website, a blog, movement to inspire us to look at God and lose ourselves in Him.

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