Psalm 12:6- And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified several times.

Do you remember the scenario back in school, where we were asked multiple times if we rechecked our answer sheets? And we were asked again by our parents once we’ve come home! That word got used so much that we never stopped to even analyze it as much as we should have because we were busy rechecking things.

Well, the point is, we made mistakes in our exams in spite of the rechecking. I don’t know how many of you would agree that it’s the same case with life. As a grown up, when I look back at school life and the “rechecking “ we used to do for the small exams that well only had marks impact on our lives, I now wonder if there is any word like “rechecking * 6” to imply the seriousness of checks we should do before opening our mouths with our opinions or decisions.

When this is our case, there is a God up above who does not need a spell check or a rechecking. He knows everything. His words are so pure that they are compared to silver that is put through so much of heat. Familiar with the 40 degrees in summer? If you think that’s sweltering, then imagine the heat that David talks about in this Psalm – it is much greater what we can imagine.

Don’t you think here on we ought to ask God’s help right from the smallest things in life? How happy do you think He would feel when you, as a creation of His, would go to him and that is all He is looking from you too.

Lord, thank you for creating me so beautifully and wonderfully. I may not always have come to you for help when I needed it cause I trusted on my abilities a little more but now I give it all up to you. Guide me, Guard me and take control of everything I do. Amen.

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