Psalm 33:20- “We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.

In one of my journeys this year, I faced a delay of four hours at an airport. It was actually supposed to be a layover of half an hour and the delay was of a budget airline which just got extended and so all the passengers were just hungry. To make things worse, the airport did not even have food at decent prices. We all had thoughts to buy from the shops and some of us did too and after a while we were served food packets by the airline people. It was a beautiful personalized gesture on their part to apologize to every passenger individually when they came to collect the food packet. Basically, we got food.

So here is a thing that we don’t really observe in our day to day lives, waiting on the Lord, I agree 100% that this wait is not easy but waiting in hope is like, for instance, waiting with your favorite genre of music or movies going on. When I wait on the Lord, He tells me when is the right time to quit the job that I am not enjoying, when I wait on the Lord, he knows what my interests are and opens up admissions for me at a suitable university.

It still baffles me that God knows each of our personalized, individual taste and likings. I barely know how much of sugar and salt my family members like in their food.

If you are at a delay right now in your life, if you are feeling impatient and anxious, it’s okay. It’s quite normal,our flight is not far away and your personalized food packet is right in front of you. Take this delay as a time of preparation and get closer to your Maker. He wants to spend this time with you.

Lord, help me to thank you for this delay I am facing in my life, I pray for all the people who are going through similar situations like me. Thank you for being my shield through all this, help me to be a helping hand where you seem fit. Amen.

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