Isaiah 49:16: See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.

I always wished I had an extra glimpse at my textbook while sitting for an exam, because I would unnecessarily remember the whole layout of the page except the answer I so badly needed. Well, haven’t we all faced similar situations where we make a shopping list but end up forgetting to look at it? (Well this might be only me) Haven’t we all faced similar situations of forgetfulness?

Millions of times, I have forgotten school homework, college homework, the procedure to do a certain work at office, the names of colleagues who I smile at on the way (). (I would have indeed asked them their names multiple times, even beyond the ‘grace period’ I allowed myself).

Don’t we wish we had cheat sheets at moments like this?

Well on the other side how does it feel to be the forgotten one? How does it feel to be missed out when your friends go for a break at work or forget to call you when they hang out? Well not so good!

Here is the good news for you and for me. We have a God who has engraved us on the palm of his hands . There’s a God who knows who the right friends for us are. There is a God who knows the best for us, that which we may not have even imagined, because how would we know what the best is, anyway? We don’t even know what all are actually out there! Well you wouldn’t know what the best coffee is until you have tasted a hundred bad coffees, would you?

So let’s put our faith in the one above who has our name engraved on his palm, our hope in Him who holds our future and fills us to the brim with his love.

Lord I hand over my Wednesday to you, my outings, my meetings, my work for the day, my plans for the day and my to-do list. Lord grant me the strength and grace to not forget them. Amen.

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