Psalm 37:34: “Hope in the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to inherit the land; when the wicked are destroyed you will see it.”

What is our first resort in a tough situation? What ends up being our last resort during the same situation?

Who do we turn to when all the doors are closed? Which door did we knock first before these doors closed?

Waiting for most of us humans is the hardest part, from the nine month wait to the wait to grow older to the wait for every single thing in life. Little do we realize the importance of the ‘period of wait’.

I met Mr. Khanna on one of my recent journeys. He is 89 years old and had an amazing youth that he still reminisces and wishes he had a bit of it left. Talking to him I got the impression that he’s also a fellow passenger in the ‘wait’ journey but there was an aura about him that makes you want to keep having endless conversations with him.

It made me realize the ‘wait’ period is the time to get nourishment from the word of God and one of its aspects is to grow stronger.

There is nothing as hard as walking in pitch darkness with the hope of not falling and with the hope of being led into light instead.

Lord, I hand over my problem of the day to you. I am reaching out to you as my first resort. Help me to wait patiently and wait for your time. Guard my lips and the words that come out of them. Thank you for the peace you have granted me. Amen.

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